Trinity:Darkness Revealed

Signals and Flares session 2
What the hell is that?
Signals and Flares session 1
call me Alex
Friends in High Places - Session 4

Charlotte Jack and Wolf Schmidt lurk in the Organ Bank looking for more trouble. Wolf uncovers evidence of an illegal body disposal ring operating at the clinic and files it away.

Ms Black, accompanied by a Black Company guard, goes to Reinhart Tuten‘s apartment. It is empty. Black learns from his neighbour that he often goes into work early and lurks in ’Knossos’, the network of tunnels and maintenance spaces beneath clinic.

The Downward Spiral - Session 2
Ghost Ship

The Painted Horse moved to dock with the FSMSS Freya. Captain Annis informed them that if anything with too many tentacles and heads tried to come through the airlock he was undocking, and that it was likely he would be warned off by the Chinese at some point in the near future, if so he would inform the team so that they could disengage, but he would be adhering to the deadline. So informed the team slipped on board via the front airlock, and after a brief discussion they headed to the bridge. The ship appeared empty. The Bridge was deserted but organic goop and hair tufts was spattered over the com center. A check of the ships systems showed the vessel was in powerdown mode. When Charlotte went to check the comm, she discovered a log section that was very recent. Before they could fully absorb its meaning, an terrible scream echoed through the ship, and a mans voice started desperately protesting over the comm.
They recognized the voice as that of escaped conspirator Dr Serivitek Kriso.
Black confronts Kriso, Wolf and Jack head for the engine room. Kriso is heavily injured in the Med bay.

The Downward Spiral - Session 1
Enrout to Mars

The team rapidly find themselves on board an Aeon charted star ship, heading for Mars. Sweeps of the packets indented rout have found no trace of either group that escaped from Boltzman industrial Launch systems. Mars is currently on the far side of the sun from Lunar so the voyage is quiet. The Paint hours is a small ship, it has room for 20 passengers, but the team are the only ones on this run. The captain is use to doing ‘special runs’ for Aeon and doesn’t object.

As the the Painted Horse begins is planned deceleration, it detects an anomoly. A fregither, unrepsonsive to hails, which is heading towards Mars on a fatal course. With the vessels high acceleration and Mars’ thin atmosphere it could cause incredible damage if it impacts. Though the Captain assures the team this is unlikly as the Chinese Fleet patrols in Mars orbit are likly to blow it up first.

The out of control ship is a Federated States of America registered merchant ship the FSMSS Freya. Concerned that this is connected to the Huang Marr conspiracy the team decide to board her….


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