Trinity:Darkness Revealed

Remnants of the Dead - Session 1

On the case.

Ms Black, Wolf Schmidt and Charlotte Jack are a group of psions brought together by the Aeon Trinity for an investigation into unusual events on Lunar. They meet in the office of Hector Ramirez, a rising star in the organisation and the case officer for the investigation of these events. He makes it clear that the Trinity consider these events to be “of interest” but not urgent and wants a thorough but low key investigation. The only issues with regard to timing are the imminent final shutdown of the Cantor Mining Station ruins and Beaulac Clinic’s desire to be rid of the body cluttering up their morgue

A brief discussion leads the team to conclude that the logical place to commence their investigation is at Cantor station. Ms Black is sufficiently wealthy to offer to rent a hopper in order to reach the Cantor ruins quickly, rather than the cost-efficient but much slower option of travelling via LAMP line and then surface crawler.

A quick review of equipment leads to Charlotte and Schmidt having to rent vac suits for surface travel, an item well within their expenses for the mission.

Charlotte pilots the hopper without incident to Cantor station, where they are met by Officer Grant and the other three members of the final clearance team. During their investigation the team conducts a field forensic analysis and recovers a bone splinter. Charlotte conducts a clairsentient analysis of the bone and discovers that it is a skull fragment from an Aberrant whose head exploded. Further analysis concludes that several of the blast marks do not match either the Taint-based attacks of the Aberrants, nor those of known conventional weapons. Schmidt concludes that they were made by a high power bioware weapon system of unknown origin.

A visit to the remains of the medicenter reveals that a surviving medicomp has been removed by the salvage team. Ms Black marks it as something worthy of further investigation. The main computer had been hit by one of ‘unknown’ energy blasts. Schmidt retrieves the surviving files and while he does so, Ms Black tries to decide if the computer was deliberately targeted. She discovers that the the mysterious energy blasts all came from the same proximal point, the point where John Doe’s corpse was found.

When the mining files prove uninteresting their next step is to interrogate the medicomp, both conventionally and with Electrokinesis, to gather all information about the disease that caused Cantor to be quarantined. While they gather much data, they realise they don’t really have the medical knowledge to interpret it.


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