Trinity:Darkness Revealed

Remnants of the Dead - Session 3

Secrets in the Dark

After being cleared by security the team go to insepct the body of John Doe, with the assistance of Mary Evans. Psionic scans performed by Charlotte indicate that the body was examined and tampered with prior to its recovery. Enquiries via Mary lead to the discovery that the coroner has been transferred to Phobos very recently. Mary arranges for the team to be transferred the autopsie reports from Freak Ally victims.

While Mary is occupied with this Wolf Schmidt uses TK to open the system, with the assistance of Ms. Black’s hacking skills, and recovers several files. The team read the files and then decide to vacate the Beaulac Clinic. After they leave they discover that the mercenaries who attacked them earlier have died in custody. Poison is suspected.

The team proceed to Freak Ally, hiring a local guide to navigate the depths of the Lunar undercity. They also meet with a couple of survivors of the collapse. Investigations lead them to conclude that that the collapse was engineered in several successive sections and is highly unlikely to be natural.


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