Trinity:Darkness Revealed

The Depths of Madness - Session 5

BILS comming due.

The hunt is on for the fleeing conspirators. The BSC heavy assault team, the only BSC personel armed heavily enough to take on the fleeing aberrant is 2/3 of the way down VIC .20, it will take too much precious time for them to redeploy to the surface. The team has access to the executive elevator that goes straight to the surface. They pile in Wolfoverrides the the security matrix to start the lift while Charlotte contacts Agatha to get clearance for a hopper. By the time they reach the top there are vacsuits ready for the teammembers who didn’t have them and the hopper is a preflight readiness. The team soars across the Lunar surface following the fleeing conspirators. They are heading for Boltzman Industrial Launch Systems. A giant mass driver that hurls prepackage materials across the solar system.
The fight is bumpy. BILS is still running and there are regular magnetic surges.
Mz.Black contacts the techs to give them a warning, they are a little too casual in their response. raising suspicions. Agatha coms the team, she has Wolf boost a signal to Lunar orbital defence command to inform them of the Aberrant situation. When the team notice the suspects crawlers are parked already by the docking ports, they fear the worst and and make a rapid entry to BILS reception.

The layout is fairly standard, but there is noon insight. When they go to check the terminal they find the unconscious body of the receptionist A med check indicates hes been hit with a stun weapon of some kind. Wolf t. hacks the security net. The team find that most of the BILS personnel are stunned or lock-down in the admin levels. Two conscious techs one armed with a stunner are still operating the mass diver, over the unconscious forms of the their comrades. Unfortunately hard system partitions mean there is no way to access the controls for the mass driver from reception.
Black gets Wolf to jimmy an environmental alarm so that the emergency seals will trap the techs and then races off to catch them, Charlotte hot on her heals.

Black catches the techs in the airlock and pounds them into submission, while Charlotte checks the controls. Two unscheduled canisters have been loaded into the que and launched! The techs had simply been bribed by Linman well in advance, this was a well planned escape rout, modified canisters, designed to help them survive the acce,l had been stashed here in case of need.. Via Agatha Phoenix squadron is directed to intercept, but there ships don’t have the acceleration to engage the canisters. Though the co-ordinates have been erased, Charlotte uses psi to ‘flashback’ to the original entries. Black directs a delivery of lowgrade electronics to be sent on the same rout as the ‘escape’ canisters in the hopes of making them easier to track. The situation at BILS is stabilized and the team report to Aeon.


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