Trinity:Darkness Revealed

The Downward Spiral - Session 2

Ghost Ship

The Painted Horse moved to dock with the FSMSS Freya. Captain Annis informed them that if anything with too many tentacles and heads tried to come through the airlock he was undocking, and that it was likely he would be warned off by the Chinese at some point in the near future, if so he would inform the team so that they could disengage, but he would be adhering to the deadline. So informed the team slipped on board via the front airlock, and after a brief discussion they headed to the bridge. The ship appeared empty. The Bridge was deserted but organic goop and hair tufts was spattered over the com center. A check of the ships systems showed the vessel was in powerdown mode. When Charlotte went to check the comm, she discovered a log section that was very recent. Before they could fully absorb its meaning, an terrible scream echoed through the ship, and a mans voice started desperately protesting over the comm.
They recognized the voice as that of escaped conspirator Dr Serivitek Kriso.
Black confronts Kriso, Wolf and Jack head for the engine room. Kriso is heavily injured in the Med bay.


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