Charlotte Jack

Name: Charlotte Jack Aptitude Clairsentience Nature Investigator
Allegiance ISRA

Initiative: 5

Strength 3 Perception
4 Appearance 2
Brawl Awareness 2 Intimidation
Might 1 Investigation 3 Style 3
Dexterity 3 Intelligence 2 Manipulation 3
Microgravity Manoeuvre
3 Academics Command 1
Drive Bureaucracy Interrogation 1
Firearms 2 Engineering 1 Subterfuge 2
Legerdemain 1 Intrusion 2
Martial Arts 3 Linguistics 1 Known Languages
Melee Medicine English
Pilot 2 Science Spanish
Stealth 2 Survival 1
4 Wits 2 Charisma 2
Endurance 1 Arts Etiquette 2
Resistance 2 Meditation 1 Perform
Rapport 2 Savvy 1
Rating 7 5
Current pool 7 10
Mode Rating Background Rating
Psychometry 4 Citizenship 1
Psychonavigation 2 Contacts 3
Telesthesia 3 Resources 2
Transmassion 1 Status (ISRA) 2
Backing (Aeon Trinity) 1
Psi powers
Mode/Rank Power Cost Notes
Psychometry 1 Psionic Echo 1 touch/1m (at +1 diff, determine what an object has been in contact with recently + its/there physical condition
Psychometry 1 Subliminal Communication 1 Embeds a psi message into a psi crystal where it can be retrieved via Attunement
Psychometry 2 Insight 1 Read where an object or person has been
Psychometry 3 Find the Flaw 1 Success on Psi gives insight into weaknesses and flaws, generally gives a 1 die bonus per success on psi roll, but sometimes it is relatively useless ( knowing you must remove the trigger to disarm a bomb doesn’t tell you how for example
Psychometry 3 Static Memory 1 The clairsentient can sense recent activity in a designated area.
Psychometry 4 Flashback 2 Objects or people can be used to actually see into the past.
Psychometry 5 Oak in the Acorn 3 Through directed meditation the clairsentient can uncover nearly any fact about his subject, from the nature of childhood trauma to time and circumstances of death.
Psychonavigation 1 Orientation 1 The Psion can establish his location with this power. Roll Psi: The effect centres on the character covering a radius of 50 times his Psi score in km. The number of successes indicates the accuracy of the scan.
Psychonavigation 2 Dowsing 1 The Psion can locate psionic minds Roll Psi: The effect centres on the character covering a radius of 50 times his Psi score in km. The number of successes indicates the accuracy of the scan.
Telesthesia 1 Sense Mastery 0 auto all difficulties due to darkness, blinding light, deafening noise, utter silence, non-standard gravity or slick surfaces are reduced by two.
Telesthesia 2 Danger Sense 1 Attunes the Psion to his surroundings for the scene. The storyteller may roll Psi to sense any adverse situation.
Telesthesia 3 Sensory Projection 1 Senses penetrate 10 x (Psi rating + Successes) m for remainder of scene
Transmassion 1 Relay Object 1 The Psion can summon any onanimate object to himself or send one away. Roll Psi to use on any object within sensory range. Total Mass 4xPsi kg. Cost 1 Psi if unimprinted

Overcoat: Reinforced Lining
Alcemy Webgun (Formatted)
Steinhardt VirtuX Minicomp (Lt. Bushido Agent)
Performance 4
Admin 2, Geography 1, Intent 2, Law 4, Linguistics,4 Mathematics 3, Regulations 3, Tactics 3
Focal Crystal
Directional Microphone Pen
Shock Ring
Military Vac Suit
Voss 22P (Accuracy +1; Dam 10d10L; Range 20; Manouevres, Sp Tw; RoF1; Clip 6; Conc J)

Bruised -0
Hurt -1
Injured -1
wounded -2
Maimed -3
Crippled -4
Incapacitated -

Ability Group: ISRA: Athletics, Awareness, Investigation, Meditation, Pilot, Rapport


Charlotte Jack

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