Trinity:Darkness Revealed

The Depths of Madness - Session 2
Evidence Accumulates

The team continues its investigation. Ms Black converses with Dr Kriso, on the topic of the Boltzmann murder victims, trying to provoke a response. He is of the opinion that someone with the right tools could have done it without any special strength or physique, though they would have to be fast. This leads to further conversation, in which both Agatha and Renko confirm that Boltzmann Station did not have a history of incidents involving the kind of booster drugs that might augment reaction speed. Ms Black is sure that Dr Kriso is working hard not to react, but can’t tell what is aggravating or worrying them most. Once the team has finished at Covenant Clinic they head for their next stop: “Boltzmann Residence Sector 2”, the site of the murders.

The murder scene is still secured by a couple of BSC officers. The blood stains and other marks have also been conserved under forensic bio-preservative gel. Charlotte and Ms Black commence with reviewing the basic forensic data and examining the crime scene. They confirm that the blood spatter and other evidence match with the initial scene analysis and run basic holo files to look at the bodies in situ. They confirm the suspicion that the group had faced one attacker who had initially approached the group from behind. There was no surveillance of people in the region but Agatha confirms that there will be a full suite of environmental sensors, including air pressure. Concerned about the lack of footprints at the murder site Ms Black requests that BSC run an analysis of the data at the time of the murders to see if there is evidence of a teleportation event. Once the physical look over is done, Charlotte commences a series of clairsentient probes of the scene, trying to push past the aura of violence and death. While she is doing this, Ms Black looks for onlookers and gawkers, trying to spot suspicious characters. She succeeds, spotting an androgynous figure trying hard not to be noticed. The person notices Ms Black spotting them and leaves. Wolf and Ms Black pursue, with Agatha close behind. The two BSC guards are left to watch over Charlotte as she continues to probe the scene. Wolf runs casual and intersects the watching figure’s path. After some uncertainty as to the suspect’s gender, the woman is questioned by Wolf. She is indignant at being stopped and questions Ms Black and Wolf’s ID, before turning to Agatha to demand to know if she is under arrest.

Black determines that the woman is either a latent or a Psion, a fact that she denies when confronted. Eventually she agrees to give the team a contact address and ID. She is Jane Johnson, currently staying at transient lodgings at the Central station. Wolf takes the opportunity to psionically rifle through her minicomp. It is mundane, suspiciously so, set to factory defaults and hardly used, making it either new or deliberately intended to have no valuable information on. As Ms Johnson leaves and heads for the maglev to Boltzmann Central. Agatha, at the team’s request, declares her a “person of interest” to the investigation and directs Boltzmann Security Central to monitor her movements and investigate her local history.

Meanwhile Charlotte’s scans have borne disturbing news. The attacker appeared to be an Aberrant, with claws and tentacles! The review of the life support monitoring reveals no evidence of teleportation, which means the only likely mode of approach would have been to come in through the airlock behind them. A review of the airlock logs shows three ingress and one egress cycle of the the airlock.

Bad news. The trace of Jane Johnson turns up a blank, with no evidence to show she was at Central. The residence link turns up false and there is no evidence of her leaving the train. A review shows the same number of people left the train as entered. Is she a shapeshifter?

The team decide to split up. Agatha accompanies Wolf to Boltzmann Security Central computing to see if he can run a data trace on the address, while Black, Jack and a BSC officer called Franks take a walk outside and look for evidence in the lunar dust.

Outside the team find the faintest trace of what appears to be a footprint rather than a vacsuit print and take it as likely evidence of the Aberrant coming this way. Further prints are obscured by the many crawler tracks. Charlotte prepares to use clairsentience on the airlock, while Black speculates on the probability that the tracks can be traced back to Linma Telecom.

In Boltzmann Security Centre, Wolf makes an alarming discovery. The main security net has been heavily compromised via electrokinesis, including secretly dumping BSC reports and communications to electronic ‘dead drops’ and inserting filter programs into the surveillance systems to edit out results that match certain criteria. These criteria would certainly cover “Ms. Johnson”. She is not a shapeshifter, but an electronic ghost. Wolf determines that the action is a result of more than one high power EK acting in concert and that there are relatively few groups with that number and skill set on call. He also concludes that for the electronic cover to be effective the person being covered for must have a good degree of innate ‘tradecraft’, and further that the main compromising of the system is recent and happened after or concurrently with the murders.

The Depths of Madness - Session 1
A morgue full of headless corpses

Aeon is working on cleaning up loose ends from the exposure of the Huang-Marr Conspiracy. One of those loose ends is a number of suspect communications from the Beaulac Clinic to a Dr Serevitek Kriso, second in charge of Covenants Clinic at Boltzmann Station, and to a corporation at Boltzman called Linma Telecom, an Orgotek subsidiary. There is no direct evidence, so Aeon and Hector Ramirez would like a subtle investigation. As ‘luck’ would have it there have been a number of murders at Boltzmann. The team will be going in as Aeon-offered support to the Boltzmann Security Consortium to investigate.

The team take a LAMP line to Boltzmann’s Domelen Terminus along with a train full of supplies and transient workers. They are met by Agatha Kreviaz, a liaison from BSC. She greets the team then drives them across the crater to BSC headquarters to meet with Sapein Jacobus. During the drive they discover a little about Agatha. She is a former ULPF official who was ‘headhunted’ by the BSC. She works ‘liaison’ co-ordination between the various corporate security forces and the BSC.

The Director is cordial to the team. He gives them a short briefing on the investigation to date and offers them BSC hospitality for their stay. He seems to believe that the conventional investigation techniques he is employing will run the murderer to ground soon enough, but Is grateful and willing for any extra help to speed the process and protect public safety. During the conversation the team discover that all five victims were found in a group, killed together and that they all worked at Linman Telecom. Jacobus assigns Agatha as the team’s liason to BSC. Under the terms of the Boltzmann Security Charter she has certain ‘police’ powers, including power of arrest, that the team officially lack.

After stopping to drop off their travelling supplies in their temporary quarters the team are driven to Covenant Clinic by Agatha. Along the way they discuss weapons laws at Boltzmann station. Under the terms of the charter corporate security is restricted to webbers, flechette guns, tasers and screamers. Further, corporate security are not permitted to bring their weapons to the ‘public’ areas of Boltzmann Station. The BSC is also routinely armed only with these weapons but do have a reserve of more powerful and lethal weaponry for emergencies.

On their arrival at the clinic the team are met by Dr Renko, who welcomes them and escorts them down to the morgue. Waiting there is Dr Kriso. It is clear that there is some hostility or source of conflict between the two men, though both work hard to to stay professional.

All five bodies died the same way, by decapitation, with postmortem lacerations to the torso. A psionic scan of the first body by Charlotte Jack shows only pain and confusion with no clear image of the murder. Only when she scans the third body does she find anything different; the faintest sense of Aberrant Taint! Scans by Kriso and Renko apparently detect nothing. Ms Black distrusts the two Aesculapians, though as far as she can tell Renko is telling the truth and Kriso is too hard to read. As the autopsy files are provided Wolf Schmidt takes an opportunity to have a look round the network. To his surprise and disappointment he finds no evidence of criminal activity, no tampered files and no links to Huang-Marr. The only thing untoward located is a junior doctor’s bootlegged simporn collection.

Remnants of the Dead - Session 4

Facing the ruins of Freak Ally, Ms Black decides to use her abilities of transmogrification to infiltrate the ruins and exam them more closely. She discovers a large surviving open space that has been cleaned up. There is no debris and no remains. Using her bioadapted vision she also notes a number of discrepancies in the ceiling where tunnels from above have been opened and resealed. These breaches were directly below Beaulac Clinic. It is clear that the collapse was deliberately engineered from multiple sources. Finding no further evidence she regroups with the team.

Returning to the upper commercial levels of the Wroclaw Sector the team decide to discuss their next move over lunch. While there, Charlotte Jack receives word back from her ISRA contacts. The evidence from the disease at Cantor Mining Station seems to indicate that it is a new, but not radically different strain, of Luna Respirator Syndrome. This is a serious but generally non life-threatening aliment, with Cantor’s quarantine being the standard response in such outbreaks to prevent a pandemic. They team also do a data search on Doctor Malachi Ross and confirm he is not John Doe! He is listed a researcher on the “Huang-Marr nerve regeneration project”, though there is no evidence of his current whereabouts.

The team file their report with Hector Ramirez and decided their best option would be to confront Dr Grabowski again, perhaps allowing Charlotte a Clairsentient reading of him or his office.

They go to the clinic and find themselves stalled by an SI secretary. Eventually becoming suspicious, Wolf Schmidt hacks the SI and gets them access. Dr Grabowski’s office has been ransacked. There are burn marks on some of the walls and on one wall a fragment of bioware data code has been etched in with what appears to be a high power laser.

The team return to reception and discover that Dr Grabowski has been “rotated Earthside” for a briefing, and left shortly before they arrived. “Sorry records update error”.

The team decide that they need to arrest Dr Grabowski and contact Ramirez. He agrees and contacts two Aeon allies in the ULPF, Detectives Chun and Taft to perform the arrest. Aeon decides to use the “disappearance” of Dr Ross as the basis for the arrest, and to use the opportunity to secure files and evidence for further investigation.

The team Lunar parkour all the way to the spaceport. The arrest itself is anticlimactic. Dr Grabowski does not resist, indeed he seems certain his contacts will get him out. Given his prominent position and influence, the ULPF can only hold him for one night, maybe two, unless more evidence emerges.

Ms. Black is convinced that Dr Grabowski will be killed. She turns out to be correct, but it is not someone cleaning up loose ends. Instead it is Malachi Ross, implanted with advanced bioware, who melts into the cell and psionically explodes Dr Grabowski in what appears to be an act of revenge. Charlotte and the surveillance tapes seem to confirm this. The event is passed off as an Aberrant attack. The investigation into Huang Marr can continue though, for Aeon has Grabowski’s files and minicomp.

The team is congratulated on their work. A Proteus team will be sent after Ross, their original case file is closed and concluded as a successful investigation. They are asked to stay on and continue to work on the follow up investigation

Remnants of the Dead - Session 3
Secrets in the Dark

After being cleared by security the team go to insepct the body of John Doe, with the assistance of Mary Evans. Psionic scans performed by Charlotte indicate that the body was examined and tampered with prior to its recovery. Enquiries via Mary lead to the discovery that the coroner has been transferred to Phobos very recently. Mary arranges for the team to be transferred the autopsie reports from Freak Ally victims.

While Mary is occupied with this Wolf Schmidt uses TK to open the system, with the assistance of Ms. Black’s hacking skills, and recovers several files. The team read the files and then decide to vacate the Beaulac Clinic. After they leave they discover that the mercenaries who attacked them earlier have died in custody. Poison is suspected.

The team proceed to Freak Ally, hiring a local guide to navigate the depths of the Lunar undercity. They also meet with a couple of survivors of the collapse. Investigations lead them to conclude that that the collapse was engineered in several successive sections and is highly unlikely to be natural.

Remnants of the Dead - Session 2
Brawl in the dust

Reviewing their situation, the team decide that their best option of getting a medical analysis without asking the Aesculapian Order is for Charlotte to work her ISRA contacts. Charlotte composes a Letter to Otha asking for aide and advises her comrades that they should head back.

The journey back to Olympus is not uneventful. The hopper comes under fire from a limpit missile. Thanks to Charlotte’s piloting the missile misses on its initial pass. Wolf Schmidt‘s technokinesis lets him identify the control source of the LM; a crawler and two vacsuited figures. Some fancy piloting and a judicious use of TK later, and the attackers’ crawler is blown up by their own missile. There follows a short vicious low-G fight. Ms Black leaps from the hopper and brutally suppresses one opponent with martial arts strikes. Wolf leans from the airlock and breaches the vacsuit of the other with a flechette gun.

An interrogation of the captured attackers reveals that they are low grade mercs from The Pit, hired quickly and given the hopper’s ID code and flight path. A clairsentent scan shows their employer has shielded himself from psi probes, but also that he shared a drink with the mercenaries. Both prisoners are then turned over to the ULPF, and the team heads for Beaulac Clinic to look at John Doe.

While the operatives are in the waiting room, an ISRAn messenger comes for the medical data. The team then meet with Dr Grabowski, who gives them clearance for the morgue.

Remnants of the Dead - Session 1
On the case.

Ms Black, Wolf Schmidt and Charlotte Jack are a group of psions brought together by the Aeon Trinity for an investigation into unusual events on Lunar. They meet in the office of Hector Ramirez, a rising star in the organisation and the case officer for the investigation of these events. He makes it clear that the Trinity consider these events to be “of interest” but not urgent and wants a thorough but low key investigation. The only issues with regard to timing are the imminent final shutdown of the Cantor Mining Station ruins and Beaulac Clinic’s desire to be rid of the body cluttering up their morgue

A brief discussion leads the team to conclude that the logical place to commence their investigation is at Cantor station. Ms Black is sufficiently wealthy to offer to rent a hopper in order to reach the Cantor ruins quickly, rather than the cost-efficient but much slower option of travelling via LAMP line and then surface crawler.

A quick review of equipment leads to Charlotte and Schmidt having to rent vac suits for surface travel, an item well within their expenses for the mission.

Charlotte pilots the hopper without incident to Cantor station, where they are met by Officer Grant and the other three members of the final clearance team. During their investigation the team conducts a field forensic analysis and recovers a bone splinter. Charlotte conducts a clairsentient analysis of the bone and discovers that it is a skull fragment from an Aberrant whose head exploded. Further analysis concludes that several of the blast marks do not match either the Taint-based attacks of the Aberrants, nor those of known conventional weapons. Schmidt concludes that they were made by a high power bioware weapon system of unknown origin.

A visit to the remains of the medicenter reveals that a surviving medicomp has been removed by the salvage team. Ms Black marks it as something worthy of further investigation. The main computer had been hit by one of ‘unknown’ energy blasts. Schmidt retrieves the surviving files and while he does so, Ms Black tries to decide if the computer was deliberately targeted. She discovers that the the mysterious energy blasts all came from the same proximal point, the point where John Doe’s corpse was found.

When the mining files prove uninteresting their next step is to interrogate the medicomp, both conventionally and with Electrokinesis, to gather all information about the disease that caused Cantor to be quarantined. While they gather much data, they realise they don’t really have the medical knowledge to interpret it.


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