Tag: Aeon


  • Hector Ramirez

    Hector is a Neptune division liaison officer. He is the briefing officer and 'control' for the party during the events of [[Remnants of the Dead | Remnants of the Dead]]

  • Wolf Schmidt

    h1. Experience points Chapter 1 Remnants of the Dead |Session| XP Earned|Xp Spent|Current total| |[[Remnants of the Dead - Session 1 | Session 1]] |3||3| |[[Remnants of the Dead Session2 | Session 2]] |3| 4 Medicine 1|2| |[[Remnants of the Dead …

  • Karl Annis

    Captain of the Painted Horse, he was contracted to carry the team to [[Tharsis Bulge | Mars]] in pursuit of the escaped Huang Marr conspirators.