Tag: Neutral


  • Hector Ramirez

    Hector is a Neptune division liaison officer. He is the briefing officer and 'control' for the party during the events of [[Remnants of the Dead | Remnants of the Dead]]

  • Sapein Jacobus

    Sapein Jacobus is the Director of the [[Boltzmann Security Consortium]]. He is responsible for delivering police and security services to the various facilities that comprise [[Boltzmann Station]].

  • Agatha Kreviaz

    Agatha is the senior liaison officer working for [[Boltzmann Station | Boltzmann Security Consortium]]. She was [[The Depth of Madness Session 1 | assigned to help]] the team with the investigation of the [[Boltzmann Alert | Boltzmann Murders]] by [[: …

  • Denis Feldman

    Refered to as "that idiot Feldman" by [[:patrice-willom | Patrice Willom]], Denis Feldman is the Security Chief for [[Linma Telecom]]. He was discovered armed for bear and in a firefight with [[:option-8-agents | Option-8 Agents ]] by [[:ms-black | Ms. …

  • Karl Annis

    Captain of the Painted Horse, he was contracted to carry the team to [[Tharsis Bulge | Mars]] in pursuit of the escaped Huang Marr conspirators.