Trinity:Darkness Revealed

The Depths of Madness - Session 4

The chase begins

Mz. Black and Wolf Schmidt charged the Option 8 Agents Denis Feldman is shouting about Aberrant and ‘aides’ the team with some indiscriminate fire before charging down to the lower levels.

On the surface Charlotte and Agatha try and talk down the Linman security while waiting for Sapien Jacobus and the BSC security team. Charlotte checks to the side office where Andromeda and Patrice Willom had stepped. She found it empty with an emergency lift.
The Option 8 agents attempted to retreat, blinding Wolf with a photokinetic burst. But Wolf psionicely hacks the security cams and runs one escaping agent down. Black beats her opponent to a bloody pulp using biokinesis to harden her hands to lethal weapons.

Having been primed by Agatha and Charlotte The head of the Linman team tries to contact Denis Feldman and politically interprets his ravings as permission to cooperate with Aeon/BSC. just in time as they are massively outnumbered by the BSC heavy security team that storm into reception

Wolf and Black head down. leaving there beaten Option 8 prisoners secure behind them Using Wolfs security cam access to scout the advance they head down.

Derek Jacobus takes charge on the surface level, checking with Charlotte and Agatha about the situation, he hands Agatha a flack vest and heads down wth a vanguard team, sweeping Linman systematically floor by floor, seizing computers and detaining personnel. In his wake the more lightly armored BSC personnel secure each floor as they pass. Charlotte heads for the lower levels hoping to rendezvous with Black and Wolf.

Heading towards the ‘basement’ Wolf and Black encounter environment alarms. ‘Toxic contamination’ on the bottom level. A few straggling and chocking engineers lend credence to this.

Black is a biokinetic in a Vacsuit so heads on in, Wolf looks for Hazard gear.

The basement is a huge open work area, with toxic fumes spilling out of broken synthesis vats. Two breached ‘residence pods’ which may have contained Aberrants and numerous bits of kit and gear. There is an dead Aberrant lying on a med table, an unconscious Denis Feldman lying next to it. It looks like Feldman shot the Aberrant while it lay comatose then succumbed to the fumes.

Many of the harddrives appear to have been physicaly removed. There are more corpses and a few masses of organic remains. The Caverns connects to another Lava shaft and it appears others may have escaped that way.

Wolf and Charlotte have found gear and entered the chamber. Wolf looks for data and Charlotte psi scans. She discovers that Doctors Willam arrived by emergency lift and began grabbing hard drives a second Aberrant casually breached its containment and started the bioexplosion that flooded the area with gas. Two of the techs where stunned by Option 8 Agents whose stole there hazard gear. Two more where dissolved by the aberrant somehow. The whole mass of them fled. The Willom’s and another tech took the lift, the Aberrant took the stairs, it looks like Dr Serevitek Kriso was present and also fled up the stairs. The Stairwell has been partialy collapsed apparently by the Aberrant.

A report comes in from the surface. Roves have been spotted heading for Boltzman Industrial Launch systems!


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