Trinity:Darkness Revealed

Remnants of the Dead - Session 4


Facing the ruins of Freak Ally, Ms Black decides to use her abilities of transmogrification to infiltrate the ruins and exam them more closely. She discovers a large surviving open space that has been cleaned up. There is no debris and no remains. Using her bioadapted vision she also notes a number of discrepancies in the ceiling where tunnels from above have been opened and resealed. These breaches were directly below Beaulac Clinic. It is clear that the collapse was deliberately engineered from multiple sources. Finding no further evidence she regroups with the team.

Returning to the upper commercial levels of the Wroclaw Sector the team decide to discuss their next move over lunch. While there, Charlotte Jack receives word back from her ISRA contacts. The evidence from the disease at Cantor Mining Station seems to indicate that it is a new, but not radically different strain, of Luna Respirator Syndrome. This is a serious but generally non life-threatening aliment, with Cantor’s quarantine being the standard response in such outbreaks to prevent a pandemic. They team also do a data search on Doctor Malachi Ross and confirm he is not John Doe! He is listed a researcher on the “Huang-Marr nerve regeneration project”, though there is no evidence of his current whereabouts.

The team file their report with Hector Ramirez and decided their best option would be to confront Dr Grabowski again, perhaps allowing Charlotte a Clairsentient reading of him or his office.

They go to the clinic and find themselves stalled by an SI secretary. Eventually becoming suspicious, Wolf Schmidt hacks the SI and gets them access. Dr Grabowski’s office has been ransacked. There are burn marks on some of the walls and on one wall a fragment of bioware data code has been etched in with what appears to be a high power laser.

The team return to reception and discover that Dr Grabowski has been “rotated Earthside” for a briefing, and left shortly before they arrived. “Sorry records update error”.

The team decide that they need to arrest Dr Grabowski and contact Ramirez. He agrees and contacts two Aeon allies in the ULPF, Detectives Chun and Taft to perform the arrest. Aeon decides to use the “disappearance” of Dr Ross as the basis for the arrest, and to use the opportunity to secure files and evidence for further investigation.

The team Lunar parkour all the way to the spaceport. The arrest itself is anticlimactic. Dr Grabowski does not resist, indeed he seems certain his contacts will get him out. Given his prominent position and influence, the ULPF can only hold him for one night, maybe two, unless more evidence emerges.

Ms. Black is convinced that Dr Grabowski will be killed. She turns out to be correct, but it is not someone cleaning up loose ends. Instead it is Malachi Ross, implanted with advanced bioware, who melts into the cell and psionically explodes Dr Grabowski in what appears to be an act of revenge. Charlotte and the surveillance tapes seem to confirm this. The event is passed off as an Aberrant attack. The investigation into Huang Marr can continue though, for Aeon has Grabowski’s files and minicomp.

The team is congratulated on their work. A Proteus team will be sent after Ross, their original case file is closed and concluded as a successful investigation. They are asked to stay on and continue to work on the follow up investigation


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