Trinity:Darkness Revealed

The Depths of Madness - Session 3

Standoff at VIC 20

Wolf Schmidt pass full details of the EK breach of BSC to Agatha who then breaks the news to her superiors at BSC about the extent of the intrusion into their security net. The conclusion is that the only realistic option is to boot from a known clean kernel. This will involve taking the net off line. In the meantime, while that is being set up, an ‘off the net’ description of ‘Jane Johnson’ is circulated among BSC personnel.

The team decide to head to ‘Vic 20’ the home of Linma telecom, not only where all the murdered personnel from there, but Linma is also suspected of involvement in the Huang Marr conspiracy based on suspicious transmissions sent from Beaulac clinic. The journey meanders slightly. The team want BSC’s net back up an operating before they arrive. They take the time to check the Rover for bugs or suspect software and end up pulling a suspicious code from the Rover’s black-box to stop it dumping cabin recordings when they dock. In a fit of paranoid prudence. Ms. Black also scans Agatha Kreviaz to make sure she can recognize her noetic signature. She also chats quietly with her to build a character profile and to check she hasnt already been replace. When the team finally arrive at Linma, they are surprised to be greeted in relatively short order by Andromeda Willom and Patrice Willom. It is clear in relativlt short order that they are hiding something, thought the accusation that the murdered technicians where killed to cover something up does not seem to bite. attunment scans by Charlotte Jack indicate that both Willoms are either strong latent or psions. Rather more worryingly it also indicates the presence of taint in the lower levels of the VIC. The standoff escalates and Linman security arrive to bolster there side of the standoff. Suddenly there is the sound of gunfire and Ms. Black leaps into the lift to find out what.s going on. Charlotte tries to stall the willioms till BSC’s reaction team arrives, but they slip off into a side office, leaving Charlotte and Wolf in the company of some very confused Linma Security officers.

Three levels down Ms. Black discovers Denis Feldman in a stand off with Option 8 Agents



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